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Douglas & Todd Bourbon

Douglas and Todd Bourbon, Bold North Bourbon

Crafted by the Elements.

Douglas & Todd is a small batch craft bourbon aged in handmade oak barrels.

The seasonal temperature variation present in Minnesota delivers a minimum four-year aging process, making for a distinct flavor profile and smooth taste.

The brand name signifies two historic Minnesota counties, Douglas & Todd, where ingredients are sourced from local farms, and the product is distilled and aged.

Bourbon That Brings Its Own Ice

Cold. The phenomenon caused by a spontaneous flow of energy between an object and its surroundings. Many people experience it, only a few can elevate it. Or harness it.

Not the kind of cold you run from, this cold draws you in. It fascinates. You feel a chill at the edge of uncertainty and passion at the whisper of risk.

This is the cold that makes Douglas & Todd. The bourbon that brings its own ice.

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